Cynthia Eubanks
Executive Director
 Rodney Jones
Deputy Executive Director
 Elaina Hamilton
Director of Membership Service

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The Membership Services Department is primarily responsible for processing membership intake materials for prospective members and affiliates + delicately handling the special milestones of membership Life Membership, 22 year and 50 year celebratory moments.

Barnes, Genevieve - Membership Services Coordinator (Collegiate Relations)
Ellis, Collin - Membership Services Coordinator (Affiliates, Sigma Recognition)
Walker, Marcus - Membership Services Coordinator (Alumnae Relations)

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Our Finance Department is composed of Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Vendor Licencing, etc.

Briscoe, Joi - Vendor Licencing Coordinator
Conforti, Ann - Accounts Receivable
McCarthy, Breanna - Financial Analyst
Rastogi, Priyanka - Accounts Receivable
Smith, Aidan - Accounts Receivable
Upchurch, Josie - Accounts Receivable

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Couch, Ginny - Administrative Assistant
Hudson, Diamond - Executive Administrative Assistant (Conventions)
Thompson, Louise - Executive Administrative Assistant (Membership Services)

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